Emily Wood
''I think the safety and the honesty within the group is really important''
Deb, explaining how CAL works
Nigel talks about how CAL helped him to see the ''bigger picture''.
Shilpa Shah
Shilpa Shah, on her experience with CAL, and making the time to come to sessions.
''My favourite part of the Action Learning was the fact that it got you to look deeper into yourself.''

Here are some thoughts from people who have participated in a Community Action Learning project

“The action learning experience for me has been exceptional.  I was faced with the challenging project of wanting to set up my first business after twenty five years in the Arts.  The programme offered a structure and process to free my creative ideas as well as hone in and focus in on the more productive aspects for this new venture.  It became obvious after just one session that the extreme benefit is not only sharing one’s own journey with the group, but the invaluable concept of being able to observe another group members. It is in fact in this observation that I truly began to reflect and move forward.  It offers informed opinions, gentle influence, motivation and self-reflection.  Lynne Hale is a first class facilitator and her years of experience are ably converted into well thought out questioning to provoke on ward action and autonomy for the future.”

Deborah Groves –  Acting-Dyslexia


“I had no idea of what to expect when I joined the Action Learning Set, except that I felt isolated as the only part-time employee of a very small voluntary organisation and that this group would bring people in similar situations together.  Being given the space to express the challenges I faced and then simply being asked questions by members of the group was surprisingly very empowering – not only were my concerns validated it gave me the opportunity to work out solutions.  It was also very encouraging to hear other people’s experiences and learn from these.  The 6 months Action Learning sets helped me look more objectively and constructively at my situation – without this space I would have been very lost.  Thank you very much Lynne”.

Saskia Schreuder – Age UK


“The Action Learning Set makes me accountable and provides a different perspective on my challenges or issues. It helps uncover my blind spots thereby bringing into awareness situations or circumstances that I had not acknowledged.”

 John Zavuga –  Haringey Stars


“ I participated in an Action Learning Set facilitated by Lynne Hale over a five month period. Lynne has used her excellent communication skills to facilitate the group process, thus enabling participants to develop their own  active listening, questioning and clarifying skills. Lynne is a clear communicator with  the ability to ask penetrating questions which  reveal new perspectives to professional dilemmas and challenges. She listens attentively before making any observations or asking questions, and her interventions enable group members to address areas previously hidden or unexplored. Being an Action Learning Set participant has provided me with valuable space to step back from day to day pressures to reflect upon the development of my project.”

 Kathy Wiltshire –  Age UK


“I now realise that difficulties at work can be overcome by simply sharing them with people willing to listen. The structure of the Action Learning Set gave me a way of working alongside people who I would have found very difficult.”

Catharine Gallagher –  Age UK


 “Lynne provided a series of action learning sets for our clients with acquired brain injury (ABI). These were very well received, and challenged the clients to think differently about some of the issues that they face. In addition the structure gave everybody a chance to share and has had a real positive effect on confidence. I would highly recommend both Lynne as a practitioner and action learning as a process. Great work.”

Anthony Mercier –  Attend

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